IEEE Women in Engineering Summit

Kerala's first ever WiE Summit!
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July 20 - 22, 2019
Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Arakkunnam
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About WiES

The IEEE Women in Engineering Summit 2019 (WIES 2019) will be the largest gathering of Women Engineering undergraduates in Kerala organised by IEEE LINK. It is a completely new initiative of LINK TEAM 2019 aiming to provide a larger platform and bigger exposure to all women engineers to meet and greet new people, knowledge, and experiences.

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WIES is a 3 day event featuring a large variety of community based, technical, and professional development activities and workshops. WIES is organized with the aim of providing a platform to improve technical efficiency of budding female engineers.

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WIES 2019 is organized exclusively for girls.

The fee covers registration, food and accommodation expenses.

Day 1 of the event includes community meetup and personal technical development sessions.

Day 2 focuses on the theme of professionalism and aims to engage our girls in activities that helps them to imbibe professional qualities.

Day 3 showcases a variety of workshops both technical and managerial.

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Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Arakkunnam